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De-Carbonization Solutions

Carbon Capture Utilization Storage

  • CCUS has become one of the most pressing action points across all industrial sectors, including O&G, Power, and practically any industry having large CO2 emissions in their flue gases.
  • Major coal fired plants are implementing CCUS in their process, some of the industries with great potential apart from Energy sector are Iron & Steel, Glass, Mining, Cement, to name a few.
  • We have strategic tie-ups with the right companies that give us proper headway into this business.

Hydrogen Production Technologies

Electrolysis is a promising option for carbon-free hydrogen production from renewable energy resources. Damodhartech International can offer different types ofelectrolysis technologies like AEM, PEM or ALM to produce clean and carbon free hydrogen. Modular SMR packages tap into existing co-located bio-ga resources. When paired with renewable natural gas (“RNG”) and/or carbon capture, these systems can also offer the most cost-effective green hydrogen available today.