Over Four Decades Of Engineering Excellence

Specialized Process Skids

To strengthen our business vision across specialized fields, we have partnered with some
of industry leaders that give us the technical know-how and expertise to offer complete
Design, engineering, and execution capabilities across the following sectors:

Gas Treatment Plants

  • Glycol Dehydration Packages
  • Gas Sweetening packages
  • Acid gas recovery packages

Gas Conditioning Skid

Gas Conditioning Skid is designed to pre-treat natural gas and other combustible gases prior to injecting into a critical process or a Gas Turbine Generator.

The skid performs two functions; remove all liquid droplets and solid contaminants fromthe gas and adjust the gas temperature to the injection requirements. 

Complete Flare Systems & Flare Gas Recovery Units

We have technology collaboration with industry leaders for the complete flare gas & recovery system. We can provide you the complete package solution from design, engineering , construction, erection up to Start-up and commissioning.

Chemical Injection Packages

The Chemical Injection Package serves the purpose of injecting a precise and accurate amount of chemicals into a system with the
required back pressure, either continuously or intermittently. Packages can be supplied for below applications.

  • Low salinity chemical injection for enhanced
    oil recovery (EOR)
  • H2S scavenger chemical injection Antifoam/
    Biocides/ Condensates/ Corrosion inhibitors/

Produced Water Treatment

We provide high performance systems for produced and flowback water streams that will lower operating and capital costs while adding value to your business.

We also offer a broad array of secondary water treatment technologies that allow the re-use of produced water streams. 

Advanced Filtration

We can offer advanced technologies for the high performance separation of liquids, solids, and gases from process streams. In the case of plant expansions or de-bottlenecking, we can ensure minimization or elimination of capital equipment cost.